IDF Jerry Can Holders for Soft-skin Vehicles

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A comprehensive update and correction set researched and designed by Mark Hazzard for the DML 1/35th scale Israeli (IDF) M51 Sherman kit.


The Israeli M113 ZELDA conversion for the 1/35th scale Tamiya M113 by Jon Bottomley includes, front and side armour panels, supports, aerials, jerry cans and extended exhaust. A set of 4 FN MAG’s on swivel mounts (also available as Accessory A019) are also included

Set of 12 Israeli Soft-skin Jerry Can Holders in photo etched brass and resin. This type of holder is common on most types of IDF soft-skin vehicles. Full strap and buckle detail is included as are 12 IDF style Jerry Cans.

This set was researched and designed by Mark Hazzard and produced by Rob Tearle

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