IDF .30cal Browning/FN MAG Mounting

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A set of 4 resin Israeli (IDF) FN MAG Machine Guns with swivel mountings, mounting plates and ammunition boxes. Research and masters by Jon Bottomley, these are suitable for fitting to a very wide range of Israeli vehicles.


Israeli designed armoured and low profile cupola designed for the US M48 MBT in Israeli servce. This 1/35th scale conversion comes with opening hatch and machine gun mount


This conversion in resin and etched brass by Mark Hazzard, converts the standard SKYBOW M38A1C to the Israeli modified CJ5M. The set includes, replacement panels, seats, 0.30 Cal M.G. and radiator grille.


This conversion in resin and etched brass by Mark Hazzard (who drives a real one!) converts the standard SKYBOW M38A1 to the IDF modified RECCE CJ5. The set includes replacement panels, radio fit 0.30 Cal M.G. tools and stowage

Set of 2 Vehicle MG mounts for either .30 Cal Browning or FN MAG (one of each included) suitable for just about any Israeli vehicle. This fully detailed mount and feed box holder fits either weapon using different pin positions.

This set was researched and designed by Mark Hazzard and produced by Rob Tearle

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