1/15th Scimitar CVR(T) Late

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A fret of etched 1/15th (suitable for 1/16th or 120mm also) scale barbed wire with a SCALE length of 50 yards (150 feet). Beware:- It behaves like the real

The CVR(T) Scimitar big time again! This 1/15th scale model was designed by Tim Babb,(who actually used to crew the real thing)combined with new parts by Des Burgess,(who also crewed the real thing during the Gulf war), and just shows what can be done in a larger scale.

The model is also compatable with 1/16th scale products. This model depicts a late production vehicle, with stowage, extensive decals and crew for Operation Desert Storm in 1990/91, and post 1991 UN duty with IFOR, SFOR and KFOR. The model features a later pattern crew set, revised vehicle sprockets, idlers and many other changes from the previous issue.

The model includes all fittings, both official and typical extra stowage, etched brass details, slave leads, tow ropes and a three man crew, and even spent RARDEN cases. A huge and comprehensive decal set for the correct era is also included, with details right down to the instructions on the fire extinguishers.

Decals included are also available separately as DEK104. We make an earlier version as K103

Completed model dimensions Inches/millimetres:-

Length 13.5/330, Width 6/150, Height 6.3/160

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