2pdr Ammunition Set

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A complete 1/35th scale replacement turret for all of the plastic injection moulded Valentine/AEC Mk-I kits on the market. This conversion by Derek Hansen depicts the standard 2-man turret found on the Valentine Mk-II/IV and AEC Mk-I Armoured Car. The turret comes complete with turned aluminium gun barrel and etched brass fittings



The 2pdr armed Tetrarch was designed in 1937 as the Light Tank Mk-VII, but is best known as the first airborne tank to be used in action. On D-day, 26 were landed at Ranville in support of the 8th Parachute Battalion actions around Pegasus bridge. Tetrarch was also used during the invasion of Madagascar in 1942, and a number were also supplied to the Red Army. One further point of interest is that this little tank was the first vehicle to swim using the now famous ‘DD’(Duplex Drive) system



The Daimler Armoured Car was one of the best designed AFV’s of WW-II, and featured 4 wheel drive with long travel independent suspension. Armed with a 2pdr (40mm) gun and with 16mm of armour, the Daimler had a top speed of over 50 mph. A “Littlejohn” adaptor could also be fitted to increase the performance of the 2pdr gun. Daimlers were first introduced during late 1941, and in all over 2,500 examples were produced. Daimler served in the British Army for many years post-war



Production of the Daimler Mk-II started during 1944 with most examples appearing as battle replacements. This vehicle featured an improved mantlet and turret front, drivers top hatch, new engine decks and hull rear. The daimler continued in British army service for many years post-war when the twin 4” smoke dischargers were replaced by multi-barrel grenade launchers. the ‘Littlejohn adapter’ was not used post-war, but the spare wheel carrier was standard.

A 1/35th scale resin 2pdr Ammunition set comprising 21 complete 2pdr rounds, (7 each of 3 types) and 12x empty cases, research and master patterns by Phil Hendry.

Suitable for Daimler and AEC Armoured cars, and A9 A10 Churchill Covenanter Crusader Matilda Tetrarch Valentine Tanks.

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