95mm Howitzer Ammo Set

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A set of 20 resin 1/35th scale boxes (10 each of 2 types) for the 95mm Tank Howitzer used in Centaur, Cromwell & Churchill Close Support variants, research and master patterns by Phil Hendry



A comprehensive deep wading set for Tamiya 1/35th scale Cromwell/Centaur kits with brass trunking for hull and turret, and blanking plates, and resin covers for periscopes, machine gun, visor and main gun. Designed by Derek Hansen for a 95mm howitzer armed vehicle. Standard issue for D-Day vehicles. Alternative sight cover is also provided for RMASG Centaur IV vehicles



This 1/35th scale set is designed for the Tamiya Cromwell and includes a full 95mm howitzer mounting, ammunition and ammunition boxes, MG blanking plate, Porpiose tow points and dial sight armoured cover are also included for D-Day RMSG vehicles



This comprehensive 1/35th scale Tamiya Cromwell detailing set includes an up-armouring set (for turret and hull and suitable for conversion of the kit to late all-welded vehicles). Optional diagonal deck hatches, cable guides, spare wheel, late all-round vision cupola and turret stowage bins are also included. To complete the conversion to an all-welded vehicle a ‘Vauxhall hatch’, accessory A047 is also needed

A set of 20 complete 1/35th scale resin 95mm Tank Howitzer ammunition rounds (5 each of 4 types) and 10 spent cases, research and master patterns by Phil Hendry.

Suitable for use with close support versions of Centaur Cromwell and Churchill tanks.

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