British Bergans, Bedrolls, Helmets

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This 1/35th scale set represents the ‘Cots’ used by many western armies but very much the standard for the U.S. Army since World War 2. Originally made from wood and steel the frame design is unchanged to this day and is also made under licence in the UK (generally referred to as ‘Camp Beds’). From the Vietnam era, Aluminium was used and a lighter nylon carry bag employed. The set contains three bagged cots, three folded un-bagged cots and three unfolded that can be painted as either the wood or aluminium type



This 1/35th scale set represents the Spineboards used by many western armies especially in theatres like Iraq and Afghanistan where the bulk of casualties are as a result of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s) that often lead to spinal injury. Initially when deployed the spineboards were yellow until a NATO green version was procured. The set contains 4 spineboards and 3 etched brass straps per board



A 1/35th scale resin accessory set comprising 16 assorted items of Modern UK crew kit, generally hanging on and in vehicles (or anywhere). Items include Bergans, pouches, helmets and assorted combined webbed kit



A 1/35th scale resin set depicting the new for 2010 issue UK Infantry Helmet Mk-7 in five different combinations of cover, sight mount and goggles. (Qty 3 for each combination). The internal liner is also depicted. Master models by Rob Tearle

A comprehensive 1/35th resin scale set containing 6x Bergans (2x each with 3x levels of packing), 6x rolled bedrolls and 6x Infantry helmets (3 with goggles). A very useful stowage set for all Modern British Vehicles and dioramas, designed by Phil Hendry.

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