30mm RARDEN Ammunition

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This extensive conversion by Tim Babb corrects and updates the Academy Warrior IFV to produce a replica of the Infantry Command Vehicle (ICV). The conversion includes new hull rear with detailed double doors, multiple aerial mountings, masts and new deck hatches.Replacement nose armour with optional front towing point, mantlet, drivers hatch and other replacement parts are included along with optional late or early fire extinguishers, and a stowage set.


This extensive 1/35th scale resin & etched brass conversion kit by Tim Babb corrects and updates the Academy Warrior IFV to produce a replica of the Royal Artillery Observation Post Vehicle (OPV). This vehicle is issued to each firing battery of AS90 155mm guns (see our update A060) and is deployed as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the battery. The vehicle also mounts the MSTAR Radar for detecting ground targets


The FV432 APC was the most numerous British Post War AFV, designed by GKN as a ‘Battlefield taxi’ for infantry, similar to, but better protected and mobile than the American M113. The basic APC nicknamed ‘Trojan’, was produced between 1963 and 1971 and can carry a full section of infantry in addition to the two man crew. With the introduction of Warrior, the FV432 ceased to be used as an APC, but continued to serve in many units.


The FV721 FOX is a compact 6-Tonne 3-man Recce vehicle armed with extremely powerful 30mm Rarden cannon which fires high velocity shells in short bursts. A co-axial 7.62mm Gpmg is also fitted and the FOX also has full NBC protection and low light optical vision devices

This extensive 1/35th scale resin set designed by Tim Babb comprises 15x transport containers, 2x liners, 10x rounds, 20x spent cases and 2x open transport containers, for the 30mm RARDEN cannon.

(At the time of it’s introduction RARDEN was the most powerful and accurate 30mm gun in the World and is fitted to Warrior, Scimitar, Sabre, Fox and FV432/30 ).

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