DML Israeli IDF M51 Sherman Update

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This conversion in resin and etched brass by Mark Hazzard (who drives a real one!) converts the standard SKYBOW M38A1 to the IDF modified RECCE CJ5. The set includes replacement panels, radio fit 0.30 Cal M.G. tools and stowage


The Israeli M113 ZELDA conversion for the 1/35th scale Tamiya M113 by Jon Bottomley includes, front and side armour panels, supports, aerials, jerry cans and extended exhaust. A set of 4 FN MAG’s on swivel mounts (also available as Accessory A019) are also included


This 1/35th scale conversion in resin and etched brass by Mark Hazzard, converts the standard SKYBOW M38A1C to the Israeli modified CJ5M. The set includes the Skybow donor kit, replacement panels, seats, 0.30 Cal M.G. and radiator grille

A comprehensive update and correction set researched and designed by Mark Hazzard for the DML 1/35th scale Israeli (IDF) M51 Sherman kit.

The set covers M51 production batches 1-4 with instructions for each batch. This resin set includes extensive revised stowage, new hull rear, hatches, turret flare mortar and replacement correct shape muzzle brake. An etched brass set includes finer detail parts and sprocket guide rings.

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