Carbon Fibre Aerial Rods

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A high tech’ solution to an old problem! These ‘pultruded’ Carbon Fibre rods are 0.25mm (0.010”) diameter and a natural black colour.We supply a set of 5x 100mm rods, enough for 5x 2m and 5x 1m scale length aerials in 1:35th Scale, and more in 1:48th scale or even 1/72th and 1/76th.

They do not kink, can be bent into tight curves (within reason!) and they spring back to perfectly straight! They are also much safer than brass or piano wire for those who dare to look too closely at models!

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martin dew says:

These are brilliant, highly recommended

Posted On: Sunday, May 20th, 2018 @ 7:30 pm

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