Fuel filler set for CHALLENGER

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A comprehensive 1/35th scale update set designed by Rob Tearle for the Trumpeter Challenger-2 kits (00308, 00323 & 00345). The set includes many replacement detail items, brass skirting and mudflap set, new gun, commanders sight, smoke dischargers, gpmg cupola and mounting and many other correction and replacement parts.


The Challenger Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle (CrARRV), is based on the Challenger-1 MBT, and first saw action the Gulf war of 1990-1991. CrARRV carries all equipment necessary to maintain, recover and repair the Challenger MBT, and to dig hull down fire positions

This 1/35th scale fuel filler cap set by Rob Tearle converts plastic or resin kits with solid moulded on fuel filler covers to allow the covers to open and to have the correct removable inner caps (or caps and spout) details shown so that the model can be depicted being fuelled or serviced. The set can be used with our UBRE fuelling system or any other similar modern fuelling method.

This resin set contains parts for 4x filling points and is designed for the CHALLENGER MBT Family, including Challenger Mk-1 Challenger Mk-2 and Challenger ARRV.

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