Centurion Drivers Compartment

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This 1/35th scale resin conversion by M.E.(Ossie) Orsborne and Derek Hansen depicts the CONWAY “Interim Heavy Gun Tank” FV4004, designed and produced during 1950-1952. This design was a conversion of the Centurion Mk-3 to mount the 120mm tank gun to counter the Soviet IS3 Heavy tank until the CONQUEROR heavy gun tank could enter service, and then to be transferred to the Tank Destroyer role. (A similar role to that of the 20 Pr armed CHARIOTEER


This comprehensive 1/35th scale conversion set in resin and etched Brass with decals was designed by Derek Hansen and converts the AFV Club Centurion kit* to depict one of the first production Mk-I (A41*) vehicles. Following on from the 1945 ‘Operation Sentry’ trials Centurion went into series production with the Mk-I, and this conversion represents a standard production vehicle


Standard British produced Centurion ARV Mk-2 vehicles were modified by the Australian Army (RAEME) for use in South Vietnam from 1968 to 1971. The basic ARV’s had trackguards re-worked, fittings removed and protection added to allow the vehicles to operate in dense jungle. Extensive crew protection armour was added to the hull rear, and ACAV armour shields and additional weapons fitted for the commander and operator, hence the Australian Army South Vietnam (AASVN) designation

This 1/35th scale resin accessory set allows the detailing of the drivers position inside AFV Club Centurion kits. The all resin set designed by Rob Tearle includes side and rear bulkheads, drivers seat, controls and fittings and is suitable for all early marks of Centurion up to Mk-5. A detailed replacement roof panel is also included.

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