British 7.2 Inch Howitzer

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A comprehensive resin Ammunition and packaging set for the British 7.2” Howitzer (Available as gun kit G05). This set designed by Leon Hassing and Rob Tearle includes shells, full and part charges, transport cases and liners, along with a full set of decals for shells, boxes,charges and liner tins, and illustrated marking instructions


This extensive 1/35th scale model by Rob Tearle & Brian Fawcett comes complete with full interior, chassis, engine and transmission. Included is the shell hoist, 7.2” shells and boxes. The etched brass detail set includes windscreen frames, mirrors and other fine details. An extra set of stowage items is also included

This huge artillery gun was introduced after the loss of most of the Royal Artillery weapons in France during 1940, and combined a lined down 8” barrel on the old 8” Howitzer carriage. The marks 1-4 depend on the original carriage utilised for the conversion. The gun was first used in North Africa, and Italy and finally in N.W.Europe after D-Day.The weapon fired 200lb (91kg) HE shells up to 16,900 yards (15,505m), and as the complete gun weighed in excess of 10 tons, the standard towing vehicle was the huge Scammell R100 6x4 Heavy Artillery tractor (See our kit K102).

This all resin model comes complete with sights, transport covers, Quoins (Ramps), loading tray and a small selection of ammunition and packaging (further ammunition is available as our set A057). The master model was designed by Leon Hassing and Rob Tearle, and ammunition /packaging details courtesy of Ordnance Archive.

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