4.2 Inch Mortar & Ammunition

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The Loyd Carrier was first introduced in 1940, and became an indispensable vehicle in WW2 British and Commonwealth Infantry, Artillery and Tank units in a multitude of roles. The Loyd was easier to drive and faster than the smaller Universal carrier, and it served post-WW2 with many countries for many years

This 1/35th scale model kit in resin by Leon Hassing and Rob Tearle depicts the British 4.2 Inch heavy mortar, designed in 1941, originally for the delivery of chemical bombs by the Royal Engineers. From 1942 onwards it became the standard Infantry and Royal Artillery heavy mortar and the Loyd Carrier was chosen as the standard towing vehicle.

The model comes complete with mortar bombs, tubes and equipment with decals for the ammunition markings. A further version complete with 10cwt trailer for towing behind a Loyd carrier (See our kit K139) is also available as product code G007.

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