Whippet Fast Tank

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The Medium Mark-A Whippet was designed by Sir William Tritton duting 1917, and was known as the ‘Tritton Chaser’. Over 200 were produced during 1917-1918, and were first used in action on 24th April 1917. With a weight of 14 tonnes, Whippet could manage a top speed of 8mph (Fast in it’s day!). Many captured Whippets were used by the Germans, and after the war Whippets were used by the British South Russia Tank Detachment, The Red Army and the Imperial Japanese Army.

This 1/35th scale resin and etched brass model is very simple to construct, and comes complete with opening door and top hatch, and optional track grousers. This model was designed by Colin Knapp and was updated in 2005 to include full colour decals.

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