Tetrarch Airborne Tank

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The 2pdr armed Tetrarch was designed in 1937 as the Light Tank Mk-VII, but is best known as the first airborne tank to be used in action. On D-day, 26 were landed at Ranville in support of the 8th Parachute Battalion actions around Pegasus bridge. Tetrarch was also used during the invasion of Madagascar in 1942, and a number were also supplied to the Red Army. One further point of interest is that this little tank was the first vehicle to swim using the now famous ‘DD’(Duplex Drive) system.

This 1/35th scale model by Jon Bottomley is ideal for beginners to resin kits as it is both simple to construct and packed with incorporated fine detail. A drop tank, ‘Littlejohn adapter’ and full stowage are included, as is an etched brass detail set with aerial cage, vane sight and other smaller details.

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