Conqueror Mk-2 Heavy Gun Tank

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One of the most impressive tanks ever built the FV214 Conqueror was armed with a 120mm American Gun and with very heavy armour. This 65 Ton vehicle was built in Scotland at ROF Dalmuir on the River Clyde.

Despite its’ size and weight, Conqueror was more mobile than Centurion due to low ground pressure from its’ very wide tracks, and massive power from the fuel injected Meteor engine. Across rough ground Conqueror was faster! Conqueror served along with Centurion for many years,and was designed to ‘deal with’ the Soviet JS3/T10 heavy tanks, using a combination of massive gun and advanced fire control systems. The last production batch of Conquerors were the Mk-2/1/H which were reworked Caernarvon Medium Tanks which share features from both the Mk-1 and Mk-2 vehicles.

This comprehensive 1/35th scale model by Jon Bottomley depicts the ‘as built’ Mk-2 production version and includes optional skirt plate system, cables, opening hatches and tools. The model now includes full colour decals and is considered to be the definitive Conqueror for detail, ease of construction, and is a ‘must’ for all serious collectors of British armour.

Completed model dimensions (approximate over gun):-

Inches/mm: Length 13/330, Width 4.5/114, Height 3.75/95

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