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This 1/35th scale set represents the ‘Cots’ used by many western armies but very much the standard for the U.S. Army since World War 2. Originally made from wood and steel the frame design is unchanged to this day and is also made under licence in the UK (generally referred to as ‘Camp Beds’). From the Vietnam era, Aluminium was used and a lighter nylon carry bag employed. The set contains three bagged cots, three folded un-bagged cots and three unfolded that can be painted as either the wood or aluminium type



A set of 28 1/35th scale blue tinted clear plastic cast bottles in two styles and with 4 different labels. These can be used in any modern diorama and with modern vehicles and infantry



A high tech’ solution to an old problem! These ‘pultruded’ Carbon Fibre rods are 0.25mm (0.010”) diameter and a natural black colour.We supply a set of 5x 100mm rods, enough for 5x 2m and 5x 1m scale length aerials in 1:35th Scale, and more in 1:48th scale or even 1/72th and 1/76th



This 1/35th scale etched brass set comprises a pair of standard issue UK Post WW2 camouflage net panels. In 1/35th scale they measure 53mm x 105mm each (6’ x12’ full size, or approximately 1.6m x 3.6m). They are supplied as unpainted flat brass etchings

Sultan is the Armoured Command Vehicle (ACV) version of the CVR(T) family and has a crew of up to six housed in a modified body with extra headroom and space for radios, batterias and map boards. External fittings include rear penthouse and elevation communication masts. The Sultan is still in service in all British Army Theatres of operation.

This 1/35th scale all resin model by Tim Babb includes two part hull with opening doors and all hatches and rotating cupola. An extensive etched brass set contains all fine items, exhaust mesh covers, mesh deck screens and fine mesh rear stowage bin, even the mud flaps and reflectors are included. (Note some of the Gulf stowage items shown are not included)

Completed model dimensions (approximate):-

Inches/mm: Length 5.5/140, Width 2.5/64, Height 3.0/76

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john wilkinson says:

Can you please tell me if this is going to be available again ?

Posted On: Tuesday, December 4th, 2018 @ 12:11 am

Wilfried Mueller says:

Please re-release it.

Posted On: Wednesday, September 4th, 2019 @ 12:39 pm

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