FV434 REME Fitters Vehicle

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The FV434 Fitters vehicle is used by the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME), and was designed as the companion vehicle to the Chieftain MBT, FV432 family and all other medium military vehicles. This excellent and essential piece of kit has an open cargo bay which allowes the transport of engine and mechanical spares, all of which can be moved and fitted using the HIAB crane. The FV434 is still in service in many units, it’s just too useful a vehicle!

This 1/35th scale model kit by Jon Bottomley has all the standard features of our FV432 family plus HIAB crane, tools, work platforms, vice and towbars. The etched brass detail set also includes tools. A full colour decal set and a Berlin Field Squadron ‘Urban Camo’ painting guide by Andreas Kirchhoff are also included.

Completed model dimensions (approximate over HIAB):-

Inches/mm: Length 6/152, Width 3/76, Height 3.5/89

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