King GTS100/7 HET Semi-Trailer

The King GTS100/7 Trailer is part of the new UK HET (Heavy Equipment Transporter) which will be in full service from July 6th 2004. This massive semi-trailer can carry all UK combat vehicles such as the Challenger-2 MBT, Warrior IFV (2 off!), ISO containers, indeed any load you can imagine, (and many you can’t!). The GTS100/7 Trailer by King is an all new design with many novel features including a diesel APU. The 12.5 metre (41 foot) loadbed can carry up to 72 tonnes at speeds of 50 mph on roads and 20 mph off road. Full loaded weight is 98 tonnes.

This 1/35th scale model includes positionable suspension, gooseneck and ramps, tie-down set for vehicles and ISO containers, APU, stowage, etched brass detail set and full colour decals. The completed model is 19.5” (485mm) long, 4” (101mm) wide and 4.25” (118mm) high. Further details for the full UK HET combination and tractor can be found by selecting products K154 and K154T.

Note that the US Army and British Army versions have completely different trailers: US=SEI M1000 semi-trailer, UK=King GTS 100/7 semi-trailer

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