Israeli Defence Force M19 Tank Transporter

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A complete 1/35th scale resin and etched brass kit of the iconic Diamond-T M19 Tank Transporter comprising M20 Tractor with Hercules DFXE Diesel engine and Rogers 45-Ton M9 Trailer in service with the Israeli Defence Force (IDF). An extensive set of decals are included with a good selection of IDF markings. These models designed by David Jane and Rob Tearle feature in the tractor, full engine, chassis and suspension detail, fully equipped ballast body with a complete set of ballast weights, stowage and tools. Optional details for M980/981 models, and transparent lights and indicators are also included. The bonnet sides feature open vents, and and a full winch with optional full or part empty drum and woven brass cable is also provided.

For the trailer a comprehensive and fully stowed model with load tie down set, air lines and optional ramp formats with moveable width kerbs, also included are optional IDF modified sides which were introduced to accomodate the wider Soviet ‘T-Tank’ AFV’s. For details of the Rogers trailer kit please see our kit K174.

When you place an order you may select the option of a fully enclosed “Hard Cab” (K184H) or open format “Soft Cab” (K184S). The model shown above is the K184S “Soft Cab”. This Diamond-T Motor Car Company design from Chicago USA met a 1941 British Army requirement to haul and recover tanks in the 40 Ton class, and was matched to a very original 40 Ton trailer designed in the UK by Cranes (Dereham) Ltd. Cranes 40-Ton trailers were produced in the UK; however the design was passed to Rogers Brothers Corporation, Albion, USA for large scale production, and this is the trailer supplied with this combination. For details of the trailer history please see our kit K174.

The original tractor entered UK service in 1942 with the “Hard Cab” version, and combined with the M9 Rogers trailer was despatched to North Africa. With the entry of the USA to WW2 and to meet urgent needs this combination was adopted (albeit reluctantly) by the US ARMY as the “Substitute or Limited Standard” M19 Tank Transporter, many taken from existing UK contracts,(until the M25 was available) and was used until the end of WW-2. The UK and USA supplied new vehicles and disposed of ex-service M19 combinations to many countries and in particular Israel where this combination was used by the Israeli Army in considerable numbers until the late 1960’s, possibly longer. The “Soft cab” version was favoured as it was cooler, but many “Hard cab” versions were also in IDF service. This combination could carry all Sherman and T-Series AFV’s and variants.

Completed model dimensions (approximate with ramps down)

Inches/Metric (mm) Length 19/483 Width 3.75/95 Height 3.75/95

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