Alvis SARACEN 6x6 Ambulance

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A 1/35th scale resin cast set of British WW-2 Stretchers, comprising 3 ready and 3 folded examples with seperate legs, master model by Derek Hansen. They are also typical for those used during WW-1 and for many years after WW-2 and in to the modern era in some cases


This 1/35th scale fuel filler cap set by Rob Tearle converts plastic or resin kits with solid moulded on fuel filler covers to allow the covers to open and to have the correct removable inner caps (or caps and spout) details shown so that the model can be depicted being fuelled or serviced. The set can be used with our UBRE fuelling system or any other similar modern fuelling method. This resin set contains parts for 4x filling


Samaritan, as the name implies, is an armoured ambulance! It is designed for front line operation even in an NBC environment. The hull is extended in a similar way to the Sultan ACV and can accommodate four casualties, and a crew of three. The Samaritan is still in service in all British Army Theatres of operation.


The FV432 APC was the most numerous British Post War AFV, designed by GKN as a ‘Battlefield taxi’ for infantry, similar to, but better protected and mobile than the American M113. The basic APC nicknamed ‘Trojan’, was produced between 1963 and 1971 and can carry a full section of infantry in addition to the two man crew.With the introduction of Warrior, the FV432 ceased to be used as an APC, but continued to serve in many units. A

The Alvis SARACEN 6x6 APC family saw extensive service over several decades in all theatres of operation with the British Army. Originally designed in 1950 as a fully armoured wheeled APC for use in Malaya , the 10 Tonne SARACEN was powered by a 5765cc Rolls-Royce B80 Petrol Engine.

This 1/35th scale Resin kit by Jon Bottomley and Rob Tearle depicts the standard Mk-1 production version adapted to the Armoured Ambulance role. The model features full suspension, accurate 11” x 20” tyres with subtle bulging, opening hatches and window flaps, full external stowage, and all the subtle welding details accurately depicted inside and out. A choice of empty or covered smoke dischargers is also included.

This kit includes as standard an accurate and complete full interior for the crew and infantry compartments, in this case adapted with pull down stretcher rails, stretchers, fittings and extensive stowage. The engine bay is fully detailed with correct radiator detail, B80 engine and other fittings accessed through the four opening and interlocking deck hatches.

For ease of assembly all of the interior can be painted before final fitting and we have supplied a choice of No.19/No.88 or Larkspur Radios.An extensive etched brass detail set including rear mesh steps and many smaller fittings, stays and straps, coloured transparent light castings, and full colour decals with authenticated vehicle registrations and some tactical markings and red cross markings are also included.

Completed model dimensions (approximate):-

Inches/mm: Length 5.75/146 Width 2.75/70 Height 2.5/64

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