Bedford MK UBRE Refueller

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The Challenger Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle (CrARRV), is based on the Challenger-1 MBT, and first saw action the Gulf war of 1990-1991. CrARRV carries all equipment necessary to maintain, recover and repair the Challenger MBT, and to dig hull down fire positions …


Spartan was originally intended as the APC for specialist assault troops, and is now used to transport a variety of special teams, such as weapons teams with LTM, Milan, Radar etc and REME, Signals and Engineer specialists. The Spartan is still in service in all British Army Theatres of operation, including Operation Telic in Iraq 2003 …


Striker is the most powerful version of the CVR(T) family, and was the first purpose designed missile armed tank destroyer. Striker is armed with a 5-round Swingfire missile launcher which elevates to deploy, a further 5 rounds are stored internally. The Striker entered British Army service in 1976 and was deployed in all theatres of operation until 2005. …


This is the standard configuration FV180 Combat Engineering Tractor (CET) whichis designed to carry out digging, recovery, liftng and river bank preperation tasks in a combat zone. The vehicle is of aluminium construction and is fully amphibious, using tracks and a pair of hydrojets for propulsion.An unusual feature is that the two man crew sit ‘back to back’ in the special cupola and either can fully contol the vehicle and equipment.The CET entered service with the British Army in 1978 and still serves to the present day …

The Bedford MK 4-Tonne 4x4 entered service in 1969 and gradually replaced the Bedford RL in British Army service, and along with the later engined MJ model from 1977 onwards, became the most numerous medium truck in British Army service in modern times. Adopted by many other armies around the world and in later civilian ‘after-life’, to say that it’s been everywhere, done everything and remains iconic are all huge understatements!

This model depicts the MK UBRE Refueller version with ‘Bar grip’ tyres. This comprehensive 1/35th scale kit by David Jane and Rob Tearle is super-detailed throughout and features; rear body loadbed and cab seating, full engine detail, detailed cab interior, fully detailed suspension with steerable front axle, detailed transmission, super-detailed digitally mastered tailgate and wheels. The cab doors and roof hatch can be displayed open/closed, and tailgate can be deployed or stowed. All providing a wealth of possible display options. Also included (but not shown on our display model) is the optional cab roof platform, for details of this see our kits K188.

The cab acetate glazing panels are supplied already laser pre-cut, and the headlamp brush guard frames are also supplied as laser cut details. Lights and indicators are supplied as coloured/clear resin castings and all other rod/rope materials are also included. A comprehensive and simple to use etched brass detail set is also supplied along with a set of full colour decals with many marking options, and authenticated and correct registration numbers.

British Army UBRE (Unit Bulk Refuelling Equipment) was introduced in 1975 and is generally used for fast combat refuelling of all vehicles but in particular the larger armoured MBT’s and APC’s of the British Army. The UBRE equipment comprises resin castings, etched brass details, full colour decals and vehicle hazard warning plates. Other materials such as rubber chord and wire are also included along with full colour instructions. The Bedford MK UBRE equipment was not removed from the vehicle.

We also make opening fuel cover sets for most British armoured vehicles and operator figures, details of which are shown elsewhere. Many thanks to Mark Cobham for his assistance with the research for this project and our NATO contacts for the relevant JSP marking details. For more details on UBRE please refer to product code A160.

Completed model dimensions (approximate):-

Inches/mm: Length 8.0/203, Width 3.5/89, Height 3.5/89

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Hi guys,
On reading the build feature in Military Illustrated Modeller I read the build article and realised that Nick mentioned me at the end. I was the veteran describing starting the donkey engine on our Pod in Bosnia, in the snow, at night and at minus 20ºC.

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