V1 Flying Bomb & Display Ramp

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The Fi-103 ‘Hellhound’ (V 1) was designed as a low cost weapon, and was armed with a 1000kg warhead, and powered by a kerosine burning Argus ram jet engine. This engine only works once the V1 is accelerated to over 200 m.p.h.

For ground launching the ‘ramp’ is actually a gigantic steam catapult, designed by the Walther company, and uses the explosive mixing of chemicals to generate high pressure steam. This catapult is capable of accelerating the 2 tonne V1 to 245 m.p.h., and clear of the ramp in under 1 second! The V1 offensive against England lasted from 12th June to 1st September 1944, with over 8,000 firings. A further 1,600 were launched against Antwerp during the closing months of WW-2.

This 1/35th scale model by Les Cooper and Derek Hansen consists of a resin V1 model, and a display length of 3 catapult sections, all support legs and side walkway. Decals are also included for the V1 missile.

The completed model is 20.5”/520mm long.

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