Malaysian DINGO (Ferret turret)

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This is the most well known version of the unique Ferret family. This model by Jon Bottomley of the FV701H Ferret Mk-2/3 Recce Vehicle features full interior detail with many alternative parts and 3 radio sets (No-19, Larkspur or Clansman) and matching bases.The model can be completed to depict early, mid or late (Gulf war) vehicles and also has alternative BREN or GPMG armament. An etched brass detail set is also included and features sand channels, and many


This 1/35th scale model by Jon Bottomley of the FV701G Ferret Mk-2/2 Liasion Vehicle features extensive interior detail, limited only by the moulding process and with many alternative parts. The model depicts the Malaysian modified vehicle with extended superstructure and small turret. An etched brass detail set also included and features sand channels, and many finer details


The Alvis Stalwart is a true legend among all terrain vehicle enthusiasts. This unique 6x6 swimming vehicle was designed as a high capacity 5 Ton High Mobility Load Carrier (HMLC), and saw extensive service over several decades in all theatres of operation with the British Army. It is true to say that this was one of the best designed vehicles (from any nation) of the post war era, and one of the most popular and well loved vehicles

This 1/35th scale resin conversion set by Jon Bottomley is designed to convert the Miniart Daimler Dingo plastic kit into a vehicle used by British and Commonwealth forces in Malaya during the 1954 to 1966 period.

There were several Malaysian Dingo conversions and this particular type mounted an early style Ferret armoured car turret on a roof plate and multi-barrel smoke discharger mountings on the hull sides, along with some smaller modifications. We have also included a colour decal set with a selection of useful markings and a pair of etched brass ‘sand channels’. Full colour illustrated instructions are provided. We also make a companion full kit of the Malaysian Ferret 2/2 scout car (K126)

This product is a Conversion set and a donor plastic kit is needed to make the vehicle shown in the images.

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