Valentine MkIII/V Conversion

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This Conversion for the Tamiya Valentine MkII/IV includes the MkIII/V turret which allowed for a three man crew relieving the commander of his loading duties. Also in this set is the jettisonable fuel tank, POW can rack and the additional armour protection around the turret ring. A small etched frets provide the brackets for the turret stowage box, vane sight, and the ‘B’ Aerial cage. Full colour instructions show how to fit the parts and connect the headlamps with junction boxes and wire provided. Full colour decals are provided with markings for British operated vehicles in North Africa, the vehicles main theatre of operation in British hands. Also included is a highly accurate CNC machined aluminium gun barrel to replace the kit 2pdr gun

This set compliments Tamiya’s very nice kit that is a joy to build. We stock the Tamiya kit at a great price if you don’t already have it, also see the combi kit (C095K) listing for even more savings.


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