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This comprehensive 1/35th scale conversion set in resin and etched Brass with decals was designed by Derek Hansen and converts the AFV Club Centurion kit* to depict one of the first production Mk-I (A41*) vehicles. Following on from the 1945 ‘Operation Sentry’ trials Centurion went into series production with the Mk-I, and this conversion represents a standard production vehicle.

This conversion comprises revised glacis, drivers, and top deck plates, transmission deck and extended hull rear. Also included are revised hull bins, towing cable assemblies and 17 Pr. gun cradle. The turret is an all new design of cast/welded construction mounting the 17 Pr. gun with auxiliary Besa Machine gun, rotating ARV cupola and opening hatches for gunner and loader. Cam net stowage is provided alog with cable drum and smoke discharger mountings for the turret sides, and an etched brass set includes bin padlocks, rear track-guards, drivers visor, wading fittings and other small details.

The 17 Pr. gun barrel is provided in turned aluminium and a set of decals is provided which includes a selection of T-numbers. Many thanks to the RAC Tank Museum at Bovington where an earlier version A41 trials vehicle (P9) is on display.* AFV35106, AFV35100 & AFV35122

This product is a Conversion set and a donor plastic kit is needed to make the vehicle shown in the images.

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