Centurion Mk3 (short hull) Conversion

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A 1/35th scale standard production Centurion MBT 100 Gallon Armoured Auxilliary rear fuel tank and fittings. Fitted to many Centurion Marks to make long range (LR) versions, in British, Australian, Canadian service. Also fitted to Bridgelayer, Dozer and ARK versions. This model by Derek Hansen comes complete with opening filler/filter hatch/cover plate and rear hull fuel connection …


A complete 1/35th scale resin Dozer Blade set for the Centurion Gun Tank comprising blade, top flap, ram arms and hydraulic ram housings designed by Derek Hansen …


A complete set of resin 1/35th scale Centurion MBT roadwheels (to fit the AFV Club Centurion kits, comprising 12x inner & 12x outer wheels. The AFV Club kits come with soft vinyl rubber tyres which many customers find difficult to work with, hard to get certain paints to adhere to, and worst of all may degrade and split in years to come.Once cleaned and joined together, just cut the AFV kit axle pins shorter before fitting …

This set provides the parts and materials to convert an AFV Club Centurion (most versions*) to a Mk3 retaining the AFV Club short hull. This set does not include the AFV Club donor kit, this must be purchased separately.

After successful troop trials during and after ‘OP SENTRY’ with Centurion A41, further recommendations were made that culminated in the Mk2 with one piece cast turret incorporating the 17pdr Gun. This turret and its stowage arrangement gave the shape of what was to become one of the most successful and widely exported tanks. The next logical step was to up-gun to the proven QF 20 pdr. 83.4mm. Ammunition stowage was modified and the gun mounting changed to accept the larger gun. This set uses the hull length that was adopted as a weight saving measure.

The turret had a raised lip with gutter slots on both sides and the hatch arrangement for the loader was later rotated some 160 degrees for the Mk5. The BESA Coaxial machine gun was used that was later replaced with the Browning .30cal MG in the Mk5. The gunners sight was also of the earlier style without the glass shield and wiper of the Mk5.

The master model by Rob Tearle and Derek Hansen contains super-detailed turret and hull fittings, comprehensive and easy to fit etched brass, turned aluminium gun barrel and full colour decals with an easy to follow colour instruction manual for assembly. Based on the AFV club Centurion as a donor kit this great value, easy to build set provides an accurate and unique model of the early stage of Centurion development.

Cam net stowage is provided along with cable drum and smoke discharger mountings for the turret sides, and an etched brass set includes bin padlocks, rear track-guards, drivers visor, wading fittings and other small details.

You will need an AFV Club Centurion kit as a basis for this conversion.

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