AEC 6x6 Coles EMA Mk-VII Crane

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A complete 1/48th scale resin model kit of the Classic British WW2 (& Post War) AEC 0854 6x6 fitted with the COLES EMA Mk-VII 6 Ton Crane by Rob Tearle & David Jane. The EMA (Electro-Mechanical Airfield) crane was electric powered for slewing and raising, with the DC generator driven by a Ford V8 Engine aft of the drivers cab. These were very capable machines and able to lift way beyond the 6 Ton design limit. One was allocated to each RAF Bomber Airfield.

The model features cab internal detail, suspension, generator unit and chassis. The EMA crane consists of a resin body and turntable with etched brass jib and internal resin fittings.This model shown depicts a vehicle in WW2 or Post-war RAF service (A selection of decals are included).

This new and original range combines fine detail with ease of assembly and come as standard with simple to apply brass detail set, full colour decals, and any other building materials required. They are supplied boxed with full colour instructions. They are suitable for 1/48th scale aircraft and military dioramas or for collecting as classic vehicles.

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