German U-Boat Typ-XXIII

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This small late war German submarine was designed for coastal use and was armed with 2 torpedoes and could engage targets using a combination of silent drive and advanced passive sonar. The Typ XXIII was produced in very small numbers at the end of WW-2.The interesting Scottish connection is that this type penetrated the Forth Estuary naval area in the last hours of WW-2 (in Europe) and sunk two merchant ships without detection. Post war examples of this type (and the larger Typ-XXI) were tested by the Royal Navy and based within sight of our factory here on the Clyde Estuary!Two scuttled submerged examples were salvaged and re-built post-war as the first submarines of the new German Navy.This original 1/35th scale 97cm (38”) long waterline model researched and designed by Jon Bottomley comprises solid lightweight resin hull and fin castings, smaller resin fittings and flags. The solid hull castings are dimensionally stable and ideal for mounting on a base for long term display.Decals are included for the well known German Navy post-war ‘HECHT’ and ‘HAI’ boats.

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