X-Craft Mini Submarine (Waterline)

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This 1/35th scale waterline model by Jon Bottomley depicts the ‘Broadbent’ type of X-craft from the X-5 to X10 and X20 to X25 production series. The only weapons carried by these 4 man machines were two massive ‘saddle’ charges, each containing 3,750lb of Amatex (Amatol/RDX mix).The most famous operations undertaken by these craft inflicted massive damage on the German Battleship TIRPITZ in Norway, (Operation SOURCE), and the safe guiding in of the Eastern landing force assault wave onto the D-Day landing beaches on 6th June 1944 (Operation GAMBIT). The X-Craft of 12th Flotilla were all based at H.M.S. Varbel at Port Bannatyne and did the practice runs in Loch Striven at a secondary base (Varbel II).The model is cast in three solid sections, and further resin castings are provided for all other details. Hatches and vision scuttles can be depicted open or closed and mooring cables and shackles are included.

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