Japanese Type-A Mini-Sub

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This 1/35th scale complete hull model by Jon Bottomley depicts the Japanese Type-A 2-man Midget Submarine, a unique vessel significant to both the history of Japan and the United States.The electric powered Type-A was armed with 2x 18 inch torpedoes.Five Type-A submarines participated in the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941, one of which became the first confirmed kill of the United States Navy in WW2. This sinking by the Destroyer USS Ward took place at 06:45, an hour before the first wave of Japanese planes hit Pearl Harbor at 07:50. One vessel, HA-19 was captured more or less intact and toured the USA for War Bond Drives. This complete hull model is 27” (68.6cm) long, cast in 5 solid sections, including top fin. All smaller details are cast in resin or supplied as brass and plastic rod/bar. Optional plain and net cutting torpedo heads are included. The guard rails are optional and allow several versions of the Type-A to be made including HA-19, HA-34 and HA-36. Decals are included along with illustrated colour instructions.

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