1/76th Scale LCF(4) Landing Craft Flak

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The LCT(4) was a 185.5 foot long British designed and produced ‘shallow draught’ tank landing craft which in it’s normal form could carry 9 Shermans/Cromwells, or 6 Churchills, or 300 Tons of stores. We make this model as kit S13.Many LCT(4) were converted to provide AA (Flak) support for the D-Day convoys, beaches and ports. This version, designated LCF(4) for ‘Landing Craft Flak’ is armed with 8x 20mm Oerlikon Cannons and 4x 40mm Pom-Pom cannons. Several of these conversions were made just along the waterfront from our factory here in Port Glasgow!This massive model by Dan Taylor and Rob Tearle is 29.25” (745mm) long and 6.25” (157mm) wide and consists of main castings in resin and a huge quantity of other fittings in resin, and etched brass. All 20mm & 40mm cannons, with fully detailed shields and sights, stowage and ALL fittings are included. The master model was designed using original British War-time shipyard drawings.

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