1/76th Scale LCT(5) Tank Landing Craft

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This extensive 1/76th scale resin and etched brass model by Dan Taylor & Rob Tearle depicts the standard WW2 Allied LCT(5) Tank Landing Craft.This US designed craft was smaller than it’s LCT(4) companion, and was used on all the D-Day invasion beaches to carry mixed loads of AFV’s, ‘soft-skin’ vehicles and stores. It was also used throughout the world in all campaigns by the US Navy, with many surviving in service for decades.Optional parts are included for both US Navy and Royal Navy use, and a further fittings set (S19) is available to make the British Royal Marines Armoured Support Group (RMASG) version. The model is packed with fine detail including 20mm cannon, bow ramp ‘fingers’, exhaust system, lifebelts and even buckets for that rough crossing!Decals are included for specific D-Day Invasion craft on Omaha, Utah, Juno and Sword beaches, and the invasion of Elba. The tank eating crocodile comes from the US Navy in the Med’, and many other schemes are possible in the Pacific.

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