SAS Land Rover 110 DPV

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This 1:35th scale resin and etched brass kit by Rob Tearle depicts for the first time an authentic Land Rover 110 SAS Desert Patrol Vehicle during Operation Telic, fitted with GPMG and Grenade Launcher. The model features an all new pre-assembled resin chassis and full suspension, engine and transmission details. The kit features the special vehicle modifications and built in equipment particular to this vehicle and typical to similar vehicles used by the SAS. Full armament of GPMG and 40mm Mk-19 grenade launcher is included as is all ammunition, fuel and water stowage.

For exact reference our vehicle is 24 KD 49. NOTE: that this vehicle had a long service history with the Regiment, and was changed/modified as required. This first model depicts the vehicle during Operation Telic, and not as it would have appeared before. We will supply some date details with the kit to guide customers as to the correct configurations. A considerable selection of crew stowage, equipment and other weapons are included; arranged in a way particular to this vehicle, and typical to similar vehicles used by the SAS.

Decal markings for this particular vehicle and some generics are also included, as is a comprehensive etched brass detail set. Lights and indicators are supplied as coloured transparent castings. We would like to thank the Dunsfold Trust and other expert sources for their help with this unique project. Matching 3 figure SAS DPV crew sets (FS11 & 13) are also available.

Completed model dimensions (approximate)

Inches/mm: Length 5.25/133 Width 2/52 Height 3.25/83

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