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C100 £32.00

This comprehensive detailed conversion and update set for the Meng Husky TSV

A196 £14.00

This realistically weighted wheel set containing 4 wheels for the Husky TSV

A150 £27.50

This comprehensive detailed update for the Meng Husky TSV (VS009) includes

C114 £45.00

This comprehensive detailed conversion andupdate for the Meng Husky TSV (VS009)

DEK070 £6.50

A set of 1/35th scale waterslide transfers, normally supplied with the Accurate

A147 £10.00

Set of .50 Cal Ammo boxes and contents from the Post War era. Digitally

T73 £15.00

Replacement 1/35th scale semi-flexible resin track for replacing the

A197 £20.00

This set of Ballast Weights for the Diamond ‘T’ 980/981 comes in three

K175 £68.00

The Longline Light Strike Vehicle (LSV) was born out of an Urgent Operational

A187 £10.00

A’ and ‘B’ type aerial bases for vehicles with No. 19 wireless sets during

A195 £13.00

This set of modern US Army Strainers is suitable for M911 and M1070 Heavy

A194 £8.50

A highly detailed addition to the US Army M46 Medium tank suitable for any of

A191 £20.00

This Update for the Tamiya Valentine MkII/IV includes the jettisonable fuel

C095 £35.00

This Conversion for the Tamiya Valentine MkII/IV includes the MkIII/V turret

C095K £60.00

This Conversion combined with the excellent Tamiya Valentine MkII/IV includes

A191K £45.00

This super value Kombi-kit combines the Tamiya Valentine MkII/IV and our update

A192 £12.00

Set of 3 Laycorn Logistics Boxes (or ‘Thomas’ Bins) in resin and etched brass.

A193 £9.00

This set contains 12 Methyl Bromide fire extinguishers of the ‘Essex’ company’s