Aerial Bases for No. 19 Wireless Sets

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A high tech’ solution to an old problem! These ‘pultruded’ Carbon Fibre rods are 0.25mm (0.010”) diameter and a natural black colour.We supply a set of 5x 100mm rods, enough for 5x 2m and 5x 1m scale length aerials in 1:35th Scale, and more in 1:48th scale or even 1/72th and 1/76th



Set of 12 Aerial Bases for vehicles using the Larkspur range of radios in post war British service



Set of 12 Aerial Bases for vehicles using the Clansman range of radios in service from the late 1970’s to the mid 2000’s in British service



Set of 12 Aerial Bases for vehicles using the Bowman range of radios in Modern British service. Three types are included, 4x short, 4x tall base block and 4x mounting incorporating the GPS

A’ and ‘B’ type aerial bases for vehicles with No. 19 wireless sets during WWII and the immediate post war period. This would include many Canadian and other Commonwealth Armies vehicles.

The set was computer designed and while the bases are cast in our normal resin the ‘B’ aerial cages are 3D printed in exquisite detail in a well protected sprue and simply slide over the ‘B’ aerial posts. 4 ‘B’ bases and cages are provided (with one spare) 4 each of two types of ‘A’ bases and 4 spacer rings. All bases are pre-drilled to accept 0.25mm Aerial Rods.

This set would be complemented by our super fine Carbon Fibre Aerial Rods, set A094

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