Laycorn Logistics Boxes

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A set of 20 resin 1/35th scale Modern British plastic water cans, and a further 4 cans mounted in vehicle stowage racks, master patterns by Paul Gandy



A comprehensive 1/35th resin scale set containing 6x Bergans (2x each with 3x levels of packing), 6x rolled bedrolls and 6x Infantry helmets (3 with goggles). A very useful stowage set for all Modern British Vehicles and dioramas, designed by Phil Hendry



This 1/35th scale resin accessory set contains 12 UK produced MoD style “Jerry Cans”. They depict cans produced after 1964, and have an assortment of UK date stamps on them



An extensive set of 1/35th scale vehicle camouflage or stowage strap tie downs in a variety of styles (160 in

Set of 3 Laycorn Logistics Boxes (or ‘Thomas’ Bins) in resin and etched brass. These lightweight, robust GRP, steel and plywood bins are often attached to British Army vehicles (particularly FV432) or stacked in the rear of trucks. The plywood shelves have multiple positions and the door can be opened or removed. Often these bins would be used to store tools and equipment in softskin vehicles providing a degree of protection from dirt and weather.

The set was designed and produced by Rob Tearle

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