Diamond T 980/981 Ballast Weights

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This 1/35th scale Tank Transporter Tie Down set depicts a typical set of Turnbuckles (Strainers), shackles, chain hooks and clamps and chain, and is used to secure Tanks, other vehicles and heavy machinery loads to the bed of a tank transporter (or civilian) trailer.This set (Set #1) was designed by Rob Tearle and is typical of the type in Allied use during (and shortly after) WW2. The set contains metal chain, resin castings and brass rod for 4 Strainersas shown plus spares



Comprehensive water slide colour secal sheet for the Diamond T 980/981 in British service including post war registrations. The set also includes flags, banners, door logo’s names and a wide range of ‘T’ numbers. Registrations are also include for Danish service, post war and cold war, and one French registration



Comprehensive water slide decal set for the Diamond T 980/981 Ballast tractor and Rogers 45 ton Trailer in IDF service. The set includes registrations for the tractor and trailer, dashboard dials, and fire extinguisher decals



Comprehensive water slide colour decals for the US Army M19 Tank Transporter including full markings for Diamond T 980/981 Tractor and Rogers 45 ton trailer. This set includes markings for the famous ‘Tank Taxi’ responsible, with the assistance of a Ward-La-France M1A1 Wrecker, for recovering the US Army’s first captured ‘King Tiger’

This set of Ballast Weights for the Diamond ‘T’ 980/981 comes in three stack-able ‘layers’ of cast weights and 30 individual weights to allow you to customise your model.

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