Husky TSV ‘Heavy’ Conversion

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This comprehensive detailed conversion and update set for the Meng Husky TSV (VS009) includes re-modelled seats, communication equipment, a corrected and super-detailed L57A1 PWS (Protected Weapons Station) with .50 Cal HMG on a balanced mount, ECM (Electronic Counter Measures) and photo etched set including the ‘Birdcage’ ECM Antenna. This set also has a revised rear stowage layout due to the larger overhang of the heavy turret. A new BOWMAN cover and mounting for the Antenna box is supplied as is the required shortened swinging rack for the jerry cans.

Researched and produced by Rob Tearle with the assistance of the UK PWS Manufacturer and part digitally created, comprehensive colour instructions are included.

This set compliments the Meng kit along with A196 Husky Weighted Wheel Set (shown, but not included with this set)

Also available are:-A150 Husky TSV Update with L56A1 PWS 7.62mm GPMG and C114 Husky TSV RV (Recovery Variant)

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