Husky TSV RV recovery Variant

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This comprehensive detailed conversion andupdate for the Meng Husky TSV (VS009) includes recovery winch, stowage box, recovery spade, re-modelled seats, communication equipment, a corrected and super-detailed L56A1 PWS (Protected Weapons Station) ECM (Electronic Counter Measures) and photo etched set including the ‘Birdcage’ ECM Antenna.

The 8 Tonne winch allowed, when introduced in Afghanistan in 2011, recovery of vehicles up to Cougar and including Husky and Jackal where previously only the huge MAN SV Recovery was available in theatre. The set comes complete with 90’ rigid tow bar, deploy-able earth spade for winching operations and is complete with cab switch and hydraulic pressure dial. The fully detailed Rotzler TR080 winch is nestled down in front of the recovery equipment box but has plenty of detail visible with its unique cable guide on top.Also included is the handheld control for the winch operator and wire to make its coiled umbilical.

Researched and produced by Rob Tearle with the assistance of the UK PWS Manufacturer and part digitally created, comprehensive colour instructions are included.

This set compliments the Meng kit along with A196 Husky Weighted Wheel Set (shown, but not included with this set)

Also available are:-C100 Husky TSV ‘Heavy’ Update/Conversion with L57A1 PWS 0.50 HMG and A150 Husky TSV Update set.

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