SAS Longline Light Strike Vehicle

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During the Gulf War (Operation Granby) in 1990-1991 the Centurion AVRE 165 was expected to lead the assault of fixed Iraqi defences. The principle weapon was still the very destructive and accurate 165mm Demolition gun, however the vehicles were up-armoured with both steel, passive and reactive armour, and also fitted with new smoke dischargers. Some also carried the MIMIC electromagnetic mine detonation system. This vehicle was retired from service in 1992 and was not used in Operation Telic in Iraq in 1993. Most AVRE’s in the Gulf towed the AVRE trailer (see K096



This 1:35th scale resin and etched brass kit by Rob Tearle depicts for the first time an authentic Land Rover 110 SAS Desert Patrol Vehicle during Operation Telic, fitted with GPMG and Grenade Launcher. The model features an all new pre-assembled resin chassis and full suspension, engine and transmission details. The kit features the special vehicle modifications and built in equipment particular to this vehicle and typical to similar vehicles used by the SAS. Full armament of GPMG and 40mm Mk-19 grenade launcher is included as is all ammunition, fuel and water stowage.



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The Longline Light Strike Vehicle (LSV) was born out of an Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) for a fast lightweight strike platform for use behind enemy lines. Built and tested in the run up to the 1991 liberation of Kuwait for the purposes of ‘Scud Busting’ deep behind enemy lines.

Designated Ground Mobile Weapon Platform (GMWP) by the MOD the LSV was a tubular space frame vehicle with torsion bar suspension derived from Volkswagen parts. Powered by a 1.9 ltr petrol engine of flat 4 configuration and rear mounted for low centre of gravity and handling.

Mk1 vehicles were rear wheel drive, Mk2 (only 5 produced) were 4 wheel drive and Mk3 were 4 wheel drive with a re-designed rear end build around a 1.9ltr VW TDI diesel engine tilted to one side to reduce its overall height.

In practice the vehicle was found to lack the carrying capacity for long range desert operations and after the conflict the vehicles were passed on to 24 Air Mobile Brigade where full road legal lights were added as well as strengthening the frame and up-rating the suspension.

This kit covers only the 2 wheel drive SAS variant as tested at the time of the Gulf War. This vehicle had a crew of 2 sitting in fibre glass bucket seats and had a .50 cal HMG fitted in a Vinghog soft mount.

Designed by Rob Tearle, this kit is our first to have been almost entirely designed in a digital format allowing us to 3D print highly detailed and robust masters. Many thanks to Tim Perry for his boundless enthusiasm for good design and all things 3D printed and to Ian Young who’s brilliantly preserved vehicle was made available for us to research.

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