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Kits will appear here when they have been off sale for a while or when a final batch is produced.


Spartan was originally intended as the APC for specialist assault troops, and is now used to transport a variety of special teams, such as weapons teams with LTM, Milan, Radar etc and REME, Signals and Engineer specialists. The Spartan is still in service in all British Army Theatres of operation, including Operation Telic in Iraq 2003


The Alvis Saladin 6x6 Armoured Car (FV601) saw extensive service over several decades in all theatres of operation with the British Army. Saladin was armed with a 76mm gun and two Browning 0.30” Machine guns, and powered by a 5765cc Rolls-Royce B80 Engine. Saladin was a UK export success being sold to over 20 countries


The Austin K2 Auxilliary Towing Vehicle (ATV) was built for the UK National Fire Service (NFS) in WW-2. It was the most famous (and numerous) fire appliance in service during the ‘Blitz’. The Coventry Climax ‘FSM’ Type trailer pump was a petrol driven fire pump for boosting low water pressure or for suction delivery from ponds or rivers, and pumping out flooded basements. The pump can be removed from the trailer by hand and is narrow enough to