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Kits will appear here when they have been off sale for a while or when a final batch is produced.


Spartan was originally intended as the APC for specialist assault troops, and is now used to transport a variety of special teams, such as weapons teams with LTM, Milan, Radar etc and REME, Signals and Engineer specialists. The Spartan is still in service in all British Army Theatres of operation, including Operation Telic in Iraq 2003


The Alvis Saladin 6x6 Armoured Car (FV601) saw extensive service over several decades in all theatres of operation with the British Army. Saladin was armed with a 76mm gun and two Browning 0.30” Machine guns, and powered by a 5765cc Rolls-Royce B80 Engine. Saladin was a UK export success being sold to over 20 countries


The Bedford RL series of 3-Ton (Later uprated to 4-tonne) trucks are one of the most well known and mass produced British vehicles of the post war era with approximately 73,000 made over a 17 year period. Entering service in 1952 the Bedford RL served in almost every British military unit long after production ended in 1969. This workhorse of the post war British Army was adapted into a wide range of versions to suit many particular operational roles


This extensive conversion by Jon Bottomley & George Moore for the Italeri Crusader Tank kits (Mk-I to Mk-III) produces the well known Crusader 17pdr Gun Tractor used in NW Europe from 1944 onwards


The Centurion ‘Assault Vehicle Royal Engineers’ (AVRE) was designed for armoured assault against fortified positions, and replaced the famous Churchill AVRE of WW-2 vintage. Armed with the massive 165mm demolition gun, and fitted with a dozer blade and facine/trackway cradle, the AVRE would pave the way (in conjunction with other specialised equipment) for the Armoured Battle Group.


During the Gulf War (Operation Granby) in 1990-1991 the Centurion AVRE 165 was expected to lead the assault of fixed Iraqi defences. The principle weapon was still the very destructive and accurate 165mm Demolition gun, however the vehicles were up-armoured with both steel, passive and reactive armour, and also fitted with new smoke dischargers. Some also carried the MIMIC electromagnetic mine detonation system. This vehicle was retired from service in 1992 and was not used in Operation Telic in Iraq in 1993. Most AVRE’s in the Gulf towed the AVRE trailer (see K096


This ‘Infantry Tank Mk-I’ served with the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) during 1940, and was designed as a mobile machine gun post (rather than a tank) with very heavy armour, a 0.303” machine gun, and a 2 man crew. Combat weight was 11 tons.


The Daimler Armoured Car was one of the best designed AFV’s of WW-II, and featured 4 wheel drive with long travel independent suspension. Armed with a 2pdr (40mm) gun and with 16mm of armour, the Daimler had a top speed of over 50 mph. A “Littlejohn” adaptor could also be fitted to increase the performance of the 2pdr gun. Daimlers were first introduced during late 1941, and in all over 2,500 examples were produced. Daimler served in the British Army for many years post-war