Centurion AVRE Mk-5

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The Centurion ‘Assault Vehicle Royal Engineers’ (AVRE) was designed for armoured assault against fortified positions, and replaced the famous Churchill AVRE of WW-2 vintage. Armed with the massive 165mm demolition gun, and fitted with a dozer blade and facine/trackway cradle, the AVRE would pave the way (in conjunction with other specialised equipment) for the Armoured Battle Group.

This vehicle entered service in 1957 and was used in Operation Motorman in Ireland, the last combat use was during the Gulf war of 1990-1991, and a number were extensively modified with extra modern armour at this time (see our kit K076) The AVRE often towed either the Giant Viper system (see K097) or AVRE trailer (see K096).

This extensive 1:35th scale model by Derek Hansen comes complete with all fittings, brass skirt plate set, tools, cables, dozer blade, facine cradle. A second etched set includes all fine detail parts. A set of full colour decals are also now included with this model, these may also be purchased individually as DEK075. The Gulf (Op’ Granby 1990-1991) version is also available as K076.

Completed model dimensions (approximate)

Inches/Metric (mm) Length 9.5/241 Width 4/102 Height 3.75/95

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