Centurion AVRE 165 (Gulf War)

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During the Gulf War (Operation Granby) in 1990-1991 the Centurion AVRE 165 was expected to lead the assault of fixed Iraqi defences. The principle weapon was still the very destructive and accurate 165mm Demolition gun, however the vehicles were up-armoured with both steel, passive and reactive armour, and also fitted with new smoke dischargers. Some also carried the MIMIC electromagnetic mine detonation system. This vehicle was retired from service in 1992 and was not used in Operation Telic in Iraq in 1993. Most AVRE’s in the Gulf towed the AVRE trailer (see K096)

.This extensive 1/35th scale model by Derek Hansen features a fully converted vehicle without facine cradle, and comes complete with cables, armour panels, etched detail sets, gulf stowage and MIMIC. All basic features are also described in kit K075. A set of full colour decals are also now included with this model, these may also be purchased individually as DEK076.

Here we have, in Centurion (AVRE & ARV), an AFV designed in 1944 taking the lead role in it’s final combat mission in 1991, alongside and against, vehicles designed 40+ years later! And still in 2016 Centurion lives on in Israeli Army service!

Completed model dimensions (approximate)

Inches/Metric (mm) Length 9.5/241 Width 4/102 Height 3.75/95

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