SALADIN Armoured Car with Interior Limited run

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The Alvis Saladin 6x6 Armoured Car (FV601) saw extensive service over several decades in all theatres of operation with the British Army. Saladin was armed with a 76mm gun and two Browning 0.30” Machine guns, and powered by a 5765cc Rolls-Royce B80 Engine. Saladin was a UK export success being sold to over 20 countries.

It is true to say that this was one of the best designed armoured cars of the post war era, often affectionately known as a ‘Sally’ or ‘Sally-Can’, and is still today an impressive vehicle when seen on a veteran rally circuit.

This 1/35th scale Resin kit by Jon Bottomley depicts the standard Mk-2 production version. Researched over a 2-year period and following the full expert restoration of a real vehicle, this model features full suspension, accurate tyres with subtle bulging, opening hatches, full external stowage, and all the subtle welding details accurately depicted.

This is the final run and only a few more are available.

This kit also includes an accurate and complete full interior for the Fighting compartment, with drivers position and extensive ammunition stowage. The engine bay is fully detailed with panels and a B80 engine accessed through the six opening and interlocking deck hatches. The turret and turret turntable are fully detailed with gun mounting and controls, optical instruments, seating and extensive ammunition stowage and some spent cases. For ease of assembly most of the interior can be painted before final fitting.

An extensive etched brass detail set including rear mesh grill, optional gun barrels, coloured transparent light castings (with early/late variations), and full colour decals are also included. This is the most accurate and complete model kit of Saladin in any scale on sale anywhere in the world.

Completed model dimensions (approximate) Inches/Metric (mm) Length 6/152 Width 3/76 Height 3.25/83

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