ABBOT 105mm S.P.

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The FV433 ABBOT was the mainstay of the Royal Artillery (Field Artillery) for many years, and is based on the British FV432 series of vehicles, sharing the Rolls-Royce K60 Engine. This 17 ton vehicle was armed with the Royal Ordnance 105mm gun.

This superbly detailed 1/35th scale self assembly model kit in resin and etched brass by Jon Bottomley, features opening hatches, elevating gun, rotating cupola, a choice of Commanders MG, and full stowage. An extensive etched brass fret includes, mesh screens, wading plate and many other fine details. A set of colour decals is also included with this model.

Although this kit is shown with decals it is now only available without. Decal guidance is still included and supplementary decals are still available in our Decals, Diorama and Brass section.

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