Bedford MK/MJ 4-Tonne G.S. (Late)

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This 1/35th Scale all resin full kit was researched and designed by David Jane and Rob Tearle.The Bedford MK 4-Tonne 4x4 entered service in 1969 and gradually replaced the Bedford RL in British Army service, and along with the later engined MJ model from 1977 onwards, became the most numerous medium truck in British Army service in modern times. Adopted by many other armies around the world and in later civilian ‘after-life’, to say that it’s been everywhere, done everything and remains iconic are all huge understatements!

This model depicts the General Service G.S. (Late) version which we have available as K188L fitted with the later ‘Goodyear G388’ tyres. This comprehensive kit is super-detailed throughout and features; full internal rear body and cab seating, full engine detail with optional parts for MK/MJ, detailed cab interior, fully detailed suspension with steerable front axle, detailed transmission, super-detailed digitally mastered tailgate, drop-side panels and wheels (see kit options). The cab doors and roof hatch can be displayed open/closed, dropsides and tailgate are hinged and rear seating can be deployed or stowed. All providing a wealth of possible display options.

Also included is an optional and easy to use resin cast tilt cover panel set which can be arranged in full or in parts over the rear body, the cab acetate glazing panels are supplied already laser pre-cut, and the headlamp brush guard frames are also supplied as laser cut details. Lights and indicators are supplied as coloured/clear resin castings and all other rod/rope materials are also included. A comprehensive and simple to use etched brass detail set is also supplied along with a set of full colour decals with many marking options, and authenticated and correct registration numbers.

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