AVLB No-8 80 foot, 80 Tonne Bridge

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The Armoured Vehicle Launched Bridge (AVLB) No-8 is a miracle of modern engineering, at 80 foot long, with an 80 Tonne weight class, In fact new aluminium alloys were developed just for this project, along with revolutionary hydraulics. Anyway…..on to the model! Why make just a bridge? The simple answer is that once a bridgelayer has laid a bridge….it gets another one and moves on… leaving the bridge for all the diorama modellers to put vehicles across! This bridge was even used in the Gulf War of 1990-1991 to span surface oil pipelines without damaging them.

This 28” long model by Tim Babb has been designed so that the bridge operates when used in conjunction with the bridgelayer, and includes both cosmetic detail brass fret and structural brass fret and many other materials. However in a static diorama mode the model is very simple to build, and consists of four very large superdetailed castings. The Bridgelayer can be purchased separately as C057, or complete with this AVLB No-8 bridge as C054.

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