ALAT-Alu' Tubes
Precision Aluminium Tube 1-5mm

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300mm of flexible nitrile rubber chord suitable for use in any scale as a large flexible hose. In 1/35th scale this would be suitable for 2” hose for water and fuel.Other sizes are available, and can also be bought as sets with resin couplings and valves (see D39 to D41)

The Albion Alloys range of precision products are well known for quality. This range of round aluminium tubes from 1.0mm to 5.0mm are superbly produced with a great sheen, perfectly smooth and uniform along the 305mm lengths and very satisfyingly all telescope inside each other with a very smooth slide fit. Perfect for replacing kit hydraulic rams where of course, the shaft can be polished to simulate chrome and the model could potentially be working.

Select from the options for different sizes. All packs contain rods of 305mm length but the quantity reduces as the diameter of tube rises. Packs are described byDiameter/Quantity in pack.

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