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Precision Brass Rod 0.2mm-1.0mm

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This 1/35th scale set represents universal perforated engineering bricks. The 200 bricks provided can be used in many scenarios to create an under construction or damaged area of a diorama or a riot scene. The sprue has been carefully designed to allow the bulk of the painting to be done ‘on the sprue’ with minimal touching up once removed



This 1/35th scale etched brass set comprises a pair of standard issue UK Post WW2 camouflage net panels. In 1/35th scale they measure 53mm x 105mm each (6’ x12’ full size, or approximately 1.6m x 3.6m). They are supplied as unpainted flat brass etchings



2 metres of 0.3mm diameter fluff free nylon rope to simulate a scale rope or hauser on your model or diorama



1 metre of 0.6mm diameter woven brass wire rope to simulate a scale hauser or winch rope/cable on your model or diorama

The Albion Alloys range of precision products are well known for quality. This range of brass rod from 0.2mm to 1.0mm are superbly produced with a great sheen, perfectly smooth and uniform along the 305mm lengths.

Select from the options for different sizes. All packs contain rods of 305mm length but the quantity reduces as the diameter of rod rises. Packs are described by Diameter/Quantity in pack.

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